This piece, Sri Yantra, is from my current series, and it is the first completed, so I show it here solo. I have been painting all of my life, and practicing yoga for all of my adult life. In this new work, as at other times in the past, both practices come together. As part of my yoga practice, I meditate. As I do, I sometimes get a very vivid image of a completed work before I have created it. Other times, which is how I started this piece, I have a word or linguistic idea in mind, and I paint and meditate on that. During the most fruitful meditation/painting periods, I get a clear set of directives. See some submerged underneath the triangles..."sit inside of the painting", "submit your ego -----> to your higher power", and also, the vivid red/pink triangle color. The painting is meant to bring the viewer into a meditative state, and ultimately, to realize enlightenment.