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Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra
oil and pencil on acrylic on canvas
48 x 48"

In sanskri, "sri" is a term of respect, and "yantra" means "machine" or "contraption". For this painting, I interpreted the sri yantra, which in Hindu religious tantric practices is a mystical diagram representing the cosmos and the human body, expresses advaita or non-duality, and is regarded as the yantra from which all yantras are derived. A traditional sri yantra is made up of nine variously sized interlocking, intersecting triangles that form 43 smaller triangles on five concentric levels that surround a central point (bindu), which represents the powerful cosmic center. It is circumscribed by two concentric circles with eight and sixteen lotus petals symbolizing creation's fertility, and a frame of broken lines of an earth square that represent a temple with four doors open to the universe.