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kali yantra
kali yantra
oil and pencil on acrylic on canvas
48 x 48"

kali is the hindu goddess of time, change, action, breath and transformation (kriya-shakti). her essence is divine love. and a yantra is a geometric visual made to help us focus our mind during meditation.

with a steady breath and the intention of divine love, by focusing on a kali yantra over time, we are able to accomplish all things. when we internalize kali energy and surrender to its sweet transformative power of love, we begin an inward journey toward healing and spiritual growth...

the yantra's center, also called the bindu or focal point, is seen as the seat of the soul, as kali herself. all the phenomenal world emanates out from her. in the tantric tradition, for the sake of creation, kali as the energy (shakti) aspect of material nature is united with the absolute (shiva).