"Gina Dominique explores spirituality and historical abstraction, including gestural and geometric methods in her work. Her paintings are informed by her decades-long yoga and meditation practices. The exhibition COLOR’s focal point is Dominique’s technicolor painting in her site-specific installation called “Pink Universe”, situated in the gallery’s rotunda..."
~Colleen Lutolf- Lehman Today

"Because her gestures are visible in the stenciled pencil and paint applications, one underlying theme of Gina Dominique’s drawings and paintings is post-minimalism. She also uses the yantra for inspiration...a yantra is as a kind of visual focal point. Dominique’s yantras invite the viewer to an abstracted visual meditation."
~Mandy Parker- Bay City Times

"Gina Dominique’s Orange Plastic Room at Site 21/21 - art you enter on foot - says what it says very clearly. It’s witty, unambiguous and quick to the point."
~Jeffrey Lee- Alibi

"Gina Dominique, in her “Hurrah Hermaphrodites”, asks sexual questions while referencing universal ancient gender and alchemical symbolism. Regardless of whether her sources are clandestine or subconscious, she has managed to unveil the male and female archetypal conflict."
~Wesley Pulkka- Albuquerque Journal

"'Self Portrait with Bird' is an acerbic colored Andy Warhol-inspired photo transfer lithograph by Gina Dominique. She has carried Warhol’s graphic mastery past his love of cool banality. Her work is much hotter and emotionally charged. There is a comforting touch of insanity here that makes her work far more human than her artistic predecessor."
~Wesley Pulkka- Albuquerque Journal