I think of my work as Global Abstraction, a term I coined in January 2021 to describe art created by culturally inclusive, gender aware, linguistically fluent, psychologically open, spiritually minded, and visually motivated artists. The conceptual abstract paintings and installations I make are inspired by my readings, practices and/or teaching of art histories, art methodologies, chaos theory, color theory, the cosmos, feminism and gender studies, liminality, philosophy, sacred geometries and mathematics, spirituality and yoga.

To reach across the breadth of abstraction, I often combine on the same surface or on different surfaces within the same body of work or installation, two or all three of the main historical genres within abstract painting: geometric or hard-edge painting, color (field) painting, and gesture or action painting. In a couple of recent bodies of work I focus on color. Reference my "Pink Universe" installation and my "Pink Drishti" portfolio. In another another new body of work, "Luminous Matter", like in many of my past works, I use a more broad color palette and mix geometric with gestural abstraction.

And while I have long been awed by the oeuvres of Fluxus artist Beuys, Pop Artist Warhol, Op Artist Riley, Pre-gender artist Bourgeois, and New Imagists Murray and Rothenberg, art historically my work aligns more closely with works of first Abstractionist af Klint, Orphic Cubist the Delaunays, Surrealist Oppenheim, Abstract Expressionists Pollock and Krasner, Abstract Impressionists Mitchell and Frankenthaler, Washington School Color Painters, Davis, Gilliam and Thomas, Proto-Pop artists Johns and Twombly, Pop Artists Indiana and Kusama, and Post-Minimalist Hesse.