I make conceptual abstract paintings and installations in which I mix geometric and gestural abstractions...sometimes on the same painting, other times on separate surfaces within the same series of works or within a larger art installation. My ideas are outgrowths of my long-time yoga and meditation practices, and of my readings in art histories and methodologies, chaos theory, color theories, the cosmos, feminism, gender studies, sacred geometries and mathematics, healing modalities, mysticisms, philosophies, and spiritualities.

From an art historical perspective, different portfolios of my works are linked to various Vedic and tantric imagery, and to oeuvres of Western artists such as first Abstractionist af Klint, Orphic Cubists the Delaunays, Surrealist Oppenheim, Abstract Expressionists Krasner and Pollock, Abstract Impressionists Frankenthaler and Mitchell, Proto-Pop artists Johns and Twombly, Pop Artists Indiana and Kusama, Post-Minimalist Hesse, Washington Color School Painters Davis, Gilliam and Thomas, and Contemporary Abstractionist Hodgkin.