I see my work as part of an international movement I term Global Abstraction that I started using in January 2021. Global Abstraction describes art created by culturally inclusive, enviornmentally conscientious, gender aware, linguistically and psychologically fluent, spiritually minded, conceptual abstractionists. My own paintings and installations are inspired by my readings, practices and teaching of art histories, art methodologies, chaos theory, color theory, the cosmos, feminism and gender studies, liminality, mathematics, philosophy, sacred geometries and spirituality.

To reach across the breadth of abstraction, I often combine on the same surface or on different surfaces within the same body of work or an installation, two or all three of the main historical abstract painting genres: geometric painting, color field painting, and gesture or action painting. In some bodies of work I use a more broad color palette as the ground for a more specific focus on geometric and/or gesturally abstract ideas (ex. "Luminous Matter" portfolio and "Chakrasana Series"). And sometimes I make a single color the dominant theme, ex. "Pink Universe" installation, and "Pink Drishti" paintings.

Art historically my work is part of the Western continuum of abstraction that began with first Abstractionist Hilma af Klint's work. My various portfolios are in line with one or more of the oeuvres of Orphic Cubists the Delaunays, Surrealist Oppenheim, Abstract Expressionists Pollock and Krasner, Abstract Impressionists Mitchell and Frankenthaler, Proto-Pop artists Johns and Twombly, Washington Color (School) Painters Davis, Gilliam and Thomas, Pop Artists Indiana and Kusama, Post-Minimalist Hesse, and Contemporary Feminist Bourgeois.