Inspired and motivated by the pre-feminist origins and underlying spiritual connotations within the history of contemporary western abstract painting, I often combine on the same surface or on different surfaces within the same body of work or installation two or more abstract painting sub-genre techniques, i.e., geometric abstraction, color field, gesture painting, and/or word art.

Painting with a full-spectrum color palette as the ground for a focus on sacred geometry is one of my approaches, i.e., Chakra Paintings, Chakrasana Series and Trigonometries portfolios. Applying a single color to canvases to give viewers a que for their own spiritual experience is another tack I sometimes take, i.e., Pink Universe installation and Pink Drishti portfolio. As an intuitive, I often begin paintings with pure painterly abstraction. Sometimes I use gesture painting as the single technique within whole portfolios, i.e., Pandemic Paintings and Tourbillion Paintings. And at least once I used written word art and sacred geometry as the focal point for a series of visual meditations or yantras, i.e., Eight Limbs....

As well as being aligned with first abstractionist Hilma af Klint's work and methods, I also resonate with the oeuvres of Orphic Cubists the Delaunays, Dadaist/Surrealist Oppenheim, Abstract Expressionists Pollock, Krasner and the de Koonings, Abstract Impressionists Frankenthaler, Mitchell, and Twombly, Proto-Pop artists Johns and Rauschenberg, Pop Artists Indiana and Kusama, Washington Color School Painters Davis, Gilliam and Thomas, and Post-Minimalists DeFeo and Hesse.