Professionally and personally I am connected to a handful of local and global communities, including the art world, academia, the women's movement, and the yoga community. As part of my long-time yoga practice, I meditate. As I do I sometimes get a vivid image of a completed artwork before I create it. At other times, I have a linguistic idea first, and as I make a piece or a series of works, I meditate on that.

While painting, I lean on my artist, academic, feminist, and/or yogic aspects to create works that are often geometric, gestural, and/or text based. When using text, I typically write in white paint directly on a piece. I do it as a nod to French feminist writer and philosopher Helene Cixous. In her famous "Le rire de la méduse" ("The Laugh of the Medusa"), she encourages women to use white ink to write themselves into history, hence, into being.

Gina Dominique Hersey

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