I make conceptual abstract paintings and installations. And while I have long been smitten with the oeuvres of ab-ex/neo-expressionist Phillip Guston, abstract impressionist Joan Mitchell, proto-pop painter Cy Twombly, and op artist Briget Riley, my own works are more directly linked to the art of first abstractionist Hilma af Klint, abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock, minimalist Frank Stella, and pop artists Robert Indiana and Yayoi Kusama.

My ideas are often inspired by my loves of historical abstraction, color, geometry, and by my yoga and meditation practices. As I create, I write and draw on the matrix in pencil and paint. I typically mix gestural and geometric abstractions, sometimes on the same painting, and other times on separate surfaces within the same series or installation.

During the past few years, I made the color pink the focal point, or, as is said in yoga, the drishti. According to symbolists, pink is the color of unconditional love, understanding, passion, good health and success.